I study computer science at Unical. I'm interested in computers, system-level programming, the command line, and Linux.

The image I use as my profile picture is a portion of Sunday Visitors by George Hughes, which i found on r/Art a while ago.

Email, Matrix, PGP key

This websitelink

I don't use social networks, I despise them and also don't need them. The Web was always meant to be free, independent, and decentralized. That's the essence of this website. It's made out of HTML and CSS, that's it. No tracking, cookies, analytics or JavaScript. It doesn't even use custom fonts, since your computer probably has some already. Appearance and layout are very simple, but hopefully accessible.

I plan to expand it and improve it with time. I'll make the source and the scripts publicly available in the near future.

Icons are from lucide.dev.